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Spares for:

  • AEC
  • Ailsa Craig
  • Gardner
  • Kelvin
  • Leyland
  • Lister / Petter
  • Massey Ferguson
  • National
  • Perkins
  • Russell Newbery
  • Ruston/Dorman

And many others


Gasket Making Service

New bespoke cylinder head gasket making service available. Quantity 1 -1,000.

Visit our 'Gaskets' page.


These are some of my special stock items as at

24th July 2009

Engine Make Parts on Offer
AEC Pistons, Bearings and gaskets for various models including 7.7ltr, 410/470, 505,691/760 to mention but a few. 7.7 head gaskets available now plus 505 de-coke sets made by my bespoke service to original spec.

P3, 4 & 6cyl engine spares -Bearings (old and late style) Gasket sets (top and bottom) pistons and liners. S6 head gaskets plus L4 and many others.

Feb 2008 - 6305 head gaskets now available.

July 2009 - E27N P6 Fordson sump sets also now available

  • JP piston and liner kit sets, very few left now so get yours whilst the original MOD stock lasts. Various other parts available for this engine.
  • • JK6 - Last set of liners by Hepolite are waiting for a suitable customer, not chrome finished but as rare as rocking horse poo.
  • CE head gaskets available now, new old stock as well as some other parts.
  • FR Various parts available and others can be sourced.
  • •Parts for other Lister diesel engines can usually be sourced and supplied regardless of age of the engine.
  • Head gaskets for the Lister D engine available now
Leyand Pistons, Bearings and gaskets available for many models, early and late including early petrol models dating from 1931 onward. Head gaskets available now for the 8.6ltr diesel engine made 1933 to 1948.
Dorman Original old stock head gaskets for the DWD range available now.
Bedford Pistons, gaskets and bearings available for most models from the 1930,s to date
Austin Sheerline engine pistons gaskets and bearings on the shelf.

BD281 engine spares on the shelf including gaskets and bearings.

Feb 2008 Mains and big ends now available at std.

Tractor Spares Spares for all sorts of makes and various vintages are available and usually at attractive prices.
Ailsa Craig Head gaskets now available for the RF2 series of engines.
Cylinder Head Gasket service for cars & commercials We are pleased to offer a professional gasket making service using modern materials including copper/non-asbestos/copper sandwich construction. One off projects are not a problem with quantities of 1 or 2 units just as welcome as projects for 100+ items. The overseas company we use have been making gaskets for us for 3+ years now without any problems.
Replacement parts for Diesel Engines